Synchronization from Windows Server 2016 to S3 Storage in External Storage on Nextcloud

If I try to create or rename from disk E: on Windows Server 2016 it gives me an error with the synchronization deleting my files or folders. Both Windows Server and Nextcloud on Ubuntu are virtualized on the same physical server. The strange thing is that from the S3 Storage in the bucket it creates files and folders for me without problems synchronizing them on Nextcloud and on the E: disk of Windows Server 2016. Another mysterious thing is that when I try to open the Nextcloud dashboard locally from the server it loads forever and remains blocked. Another strange thing is that if I always open locally on the Windows server on any browser it doesn’t show me the content inside the S3 bucket. The privileges are all there both on Windows and on Nextcloud. How can I fix this? Do you have any ideas? From the Nextcloud logs there are privilege errors when I tried to create a folder or a file on disk E. Another error log is related to MySql, but I can access MySql with elevated privileges and do all the operations.

Hi @francesco-nextcloud - Your post is a little stream of consciousnesses so it’s hard to follow or know where to start. You also didn’t provide important context like:

  • what version of NC
  • your NC configuration
  • the aforementioned log entries
  • what Windows client version you’re using

We need some of the basics. :slight_smile: