Synchronisation without using the nextcloud client

I am new. If there is an existing tutorial or script, please put the link.
Thank you in advance for your help

I have a nexcloud client under Ubuntu 20.04 that synchronises correctly with a framadrive.
Now I want to set up a 2nd synchronization, without using this nextcloud client.
It’s from another disk/usb key, so I want to use a command mode that doesn’t need to keep a link on the computer and can be done on another computer.
Could someone please tell me the possible command mode (not all included on ) or maybe it’s better by rclone v via webDav??
complex for me ! Sorry for my bad english. I tried to ask the question in french but I didn’t get an answer.
ps: generally speaking, I don’t see at the host how to find the version of nextcloud installed; How can I do it?

The best way I can think of is rsync with cron. You can check the version in the config.php file of Nextcloud.

Thanks for the quick response but I’m not a developer.
Is there a tutorial on it?
I am currently testing nextcloud at framadrive and others. I don’t have access to config.php! Any tips on how to view it?

as it’s almost holiday time, I’d like to remind myself