Synchronisation OnlyOffice Document

Hello and thank you for your interest in my pb.
From my Pc with the Word software on a file in the Documents folder of Nextcloud (main storage), the synchronization is OK.
From my Pc with the Word software on a file on shared folder (SMB) = OK, or folder Documents = OK
The other way around: NextCloud to PC (word) = KO
It synchronizes from the PC (Word, Excel…) to the Nextcloud but not the other way around.
In the Documents folder, I have an file (provided by Nextcloud), I have no pb, the synchronization is done in both directions, but I open it with the notepad on my PC.

  • Maybe a problem with my Onlyoffice because when I make a modification in my Word or Excel file for example, the time of modification does not correspond to the right time on my site, whereas for the .md file the time corresponds well.


Why the Onlyoffice doesn’t update instantaneously as for the .md file.