Synchronisation issues


I run Nextcloud Desktop Version 2.6.2-1build1 on ubuntu 20.04, which I installed from the system software manager. I ran into an issue that I could not find either on the manual and the forum, so I’m asking here - I apologise if I missed something and this is a doublon.

The client keeps failing to synchronise, attributing an unspecified error to specific files. Those same files synchronised fine on my previous computer, and when I remove them from the synchronised list new errors pop on other files. No file seem to be synchronised in the process, but contacts synchronise fine.
The full error message is “Operation canceled: [Path of the file] - server replied:”. The log files do not seem more informative to me, and I am not sure how to share it as new users are barred from uploading files or comments containing >4 links.
I apologise to sollicitate you, but because of the extreme vagueness of the error messages I have no idea how to troubleshoot…

Please fill out the #support form you saw when first creating your post and add it.

Add the actual errors to a pastebin and add the link. Check nextcloud.log in /var/www for errors. Also available for admin user under top right hand menu.

You can also search your error against the forum and the desktop nextcloud github via Google or duckduckgo

I did not see a #support form while creating my post. I have searched the error "Operation canceled: [Path of the file] - server replied:” on both the forum and duckduckgo without finding any useful information. There are no errors in the log file for the account that has synchronisation issue. You will find the log file at the following link :