Synchronisation between a local NextCloud installation and an external Web Drive (WebDav?)


I have installad NextClud on my local RaspberryPi (Debian Stretch, NextCloud 17) and would like to synchronize the local directories on a WebSpace for Backup the most important files.

The Access to Web is offered to me in the follwing otions and protocols:

  • WebDav (SSL); Port 443
  • WebDav (unverschlüsselt); Port 80
  • FTP/FTPES; Port 21
  • SFTP; Port 22
  • FTPS; Port 990
  • rsync über SSH; Port 22

It will be satisfying by synchronize it once a day.

Is anyone able to give me some tips how to realize it?


Nextcloud is no backup solution.

For understanding/to clearify:

  • You have a nextcloud at home and a webspace at an other place
  • You want to backup from nextcloud to webspace?

Is this correct?

Implement a proper backup schedule with for example restic that is pretty trivial to setup. It can drop files with sftp to the cloud server.

While this kind of functionality would be nice to have, it is currently not build into Nextcloud.

So you have to come up with a custom solution. A while back someone explained how to sync with another Nextcloud instance by running a command line Nextcloud client on the server.

Yes, absolutely.


That seems to be a possible solution. 'Til now I have no experience with public/private keys and the hole stuff.
I have to read and learn some facts about this things…


Well if you want to have it the technical way, you have to do a DB-dump, export the DB-user and transfer these files to the other place. Now do the same with the data directory and the nextcloud config.php file and you’re fine.
With these informations you can restore your nextcloud (with the same version). This would alos be a good thing to do before upgrading :grin:
If you want to have a “sync-mirror-copy” then you want to go for the client on the server… but in my opinion a very bad idea, because in my idea of a server there is no client software… too risky - but thats only my opinion