Synching reMarkable 2 tablet

Has anyone had success synching content from a reMarkable 2 tablet to NC, preferably direct rather than via their service? As a tool it fits my workflows well, but if I can’t easily move/backup the content to my NC server it loses a lot of potential value.

This would be a question for Remarkable, but according to their website the answer is no: only google drive, dropbox and onedrive supported.

I recommend contacting remarkable and nicely asking them to add support for webdav / nextcloud. :slight_smile:

Remarkable support
User Guide

A quick internet search gives you all the info on this, but all of the hacky fixes look awkward and difficult to implement by forcing a specific folder location to sync to remarkableAPI.
rmfakecloud - hosts a fake Remarkable server you control
autosync tool for sending contents of a folder to remarkable

Perhaps this helps you. Since I do not own this device (and it does not support Nextcloud) I cannot help you further. Good luck.

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I’ve built my little script in your answer, reMarkable-autosync
Please @putt1ck give some feedback? thanks a lot!