Synching /home/$user on a laptop with your server

The small office I’m supporting is moving away from desktops to laptops. This means the current setup in which not only the shared datadrive but also the homes of the users are exposed through NFS will no longer work: laptops should not be assumed to be connected to the Internet at all times.

So instead of serving all /home/$user folders from the server, I’ll have to cope with having these folders on each laptop and then syncing them to the server.

One option would be to have the nextcloud desktop client sync all files in the /home/$user folder with a server. Until now however I have only synced a subfolder of my own home-folder with my Nextcloud server (which works just fine).

Did anyone else already do this? Care to share experiences on this? If this works, is performance ok?


Rather sad that no-one has replied to this over 2 years. Lamentable community interest it seems … oh well. A head’s up that I just did this on a mobile PC and seems to work fine, though personally, I turned off syn on all the ~/.* folders. One by one currently as I haven’t researched a possible exclusion pattern to catch them all. But I want the users documents, pictures and such synced by default without having to explain anything (a sort of background backup of their work). Non technical users (kids) and so just want to make sure their stuff is backed up.