Sync with windows client fails with shared files

When I share a file within nextcloud by link or with members as well the file will be locked. My local sync clients pops up every 5 minutes remarking failed sync because the file is locked. How can I solve this problem? I already changed config.php to ‘filelockingenabled’’ => true, The Problem is only with shared files / folder. I am admin and I created / uploaded the data and I shared them.

08.12.2018 10:30:56, JOB/Noeverhof/Bilder II/Alle Bilder, Documents,Error transferring II/Alle Bilder - server replied: Locked
Nextcloud 14.04
MySQL - I do not know the version and do not know how to check it
It is a shared hosted system, so I can not change all kind of PHP / MySQL Settings because of provider and security reasons.

Thank you

PS: I found some articles but there was no realiable solutens

but in the howto it says to set it to false! Keep in mind this disables the feature and when different users are changing a file, that can get messy. If they just read, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you plan to use this setup with several users seriously, I’d use a different setup.