Sync with Thunderbird

I’ve been trying to set the sync my calendar with Thunderbird, I’ve checked all the settings but I keep getting the messages, that either the login data aren’t correct (which they definitely are!) or that the calendar doesn’t exist (which it does). What is going wrong here?

Hope this helps you Synchronizing with Thunderbird — Nextcloud latest User Manual latest documentation

Thanks for the link, but I’ve allready tried that description and it doesn’t work! That’s why I asked here…

Used version numbers, log files, … can be really helpful.

Like this, it could be even a not working internet connection for the client and/or the server.

Is 2FA enabled on the respective account? If yes you need to set-up an app password.

Have you also tried the TbSync addon that is mentioned in the link?

I haven’t used Thunderbird for a while now in favours of GMOME accounts and the GNOME apps (Evolution and GNOME Calendar), but when I was still using it, TbSync was the only solution that worked reliably for me.

Yes I do have 2FA, that might be the problem. Which app do I need then?

Yes I have installed all the apps mentioned.

You don’t need to install any app, just log in to the Nextcloud web interface with the account you want to use in Thunderbird, go to “Personal settings” → “Security” → “Devices and sessions” and click on “Create new app password” and use the password that is shown there to log in with Thunderbird.

Many thanks for the help, I finaly found the data by trial and error (German page) and have now been able to sync my calendar.

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