Sync with Blackberry os 10

Hello, is there any possibillity to Sync with a Blackberry os10? I have nextcloud 11 running. Neither the OS nor the App DavDroid syncs my contacts. Pls help.

@Nick_Fake any webdav-capable sync client for BBOS should work.

thx for your reply. i tried DavDroid. I can login and select my adressbook but no contacts are syncing. my local phonebook is still empty: The App also finds my Calendars. i am using version 11…


i think, i need a different sync app… any hints? why does the Blackberry still can´t use cardDav with nextCloud?

Davdroid on BBOS is still an Android app, right? In which case I don’t think there’s perfect overlap between the android framework and the BBOS system.

I can’t offer any suggestions for native BBOS *dav clients, what have you tried from BBWorld to date?

So, now my Thunderbird, my Desktop and my iPad 1 works fine with nextcloud. Thanks for this ! :slight_smile:

My Blackberry Classic OS 10.3.3 saved the nextcloud server details without an error and my contacts where transfered from my server.

it seems that everything works fine !! :slight_smile: native without 3rd party apps :slight_smile:

thx for this

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Hi @Nick_Fake, can you explain the steps you took?

For wich Device?

Sorry, Blackberry.

Sorry. Is there still a problem?

I used this url in my Blackberry:

All standard Calender entrys and Birthdays from my contacts are synced. But every extra cal dav url, p.e facebook events, are not synced to my devices.
Can anybody explain this?

So idk why I do this to myself but I got a blackberry classic a couple days ago. I am working on the card and cal dav stuff and finding extreme difficulty. Infact I had to reset my server at one point due to all the requests I was sending to it. If there are any current blackberry os 10 users that have nextcloud or any of the caldav stuff up and running on blackberry Please hit me up