Sync under android

Sync from Camera under Android does not work. Some single files are uploaded, but only a limited number. It is unsysthematic, I started upload manually several times, but without success. I can’t explain, why some went images went through. I see a lot of images, where I neeed to solve conflicts manually. There are also images, where it looks, that I need to wait for upload, but the upload does not take place. I tried all settings, whichI I did find, but it didn’t work out.

Any ideas? Thanks :slight_smile:

Is this using the Auto Upload (aka: Instant Upload) feature under Settings?

How many preexisting images are in your Camera folder?

Also, just to confirm: what version of the Nextcloud Android client?

Yes, auto upload under settings
Around 290 images
Version 3.26.0

The Auto sync is wotking again, since around 2 weeks. But know I have anotger issue with one of the options. The Android Sync is always done with Smartphone internet connection. The wlan option seem to be without function. As I moved some images in my upload folder, the handy Client started syncing the images on my phone, resulting in 1GB data volume. Option wlan was activ, and wlan itself was deactivated.

An ideas?

Les Pas might be your solution to stable camera backup.