Sync to an External HDD?

I am reinstalling the desktop client on Xubuntu 16.04.2 after a clean Xubuntu install

I already have my data on the Nextcloud Box but now I have changed my directory structure on the PC and moved lots of stuff to an external USB HDD, and renamed some folders

I am very carefully trying to set up the client again to avoid loosing data / taking forever (350GB)

I installed the client from the PPA

I now have most of my files on my external HDD, and am worried about syncing these with the equivalent ones on the Box - what will happen if I accidentally start the client without the external HDD connected or mounted; will the client start to delete the files on the Box?



Solved this by mistake, and posting in case anyone else has the same doubts.

The files I left on the laptop were in a partition that doesnt self mount (yet)
I had already synced these files
After a reboot, when the client starts up it just says that it cant find the local files and waits till I mount it.
So it must be OK to use an external HDD

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