Sync pending (Synchronisierung ausstehend)

Nextcloud version : desktop client 3.2.4
hosted by webo
Operating system and version : Windows 10 64 bit

I’ve got a folder (with subfolders, files… in it) on my harddisk which holds my to be synced folders/files.
I access the folder over the Windows Explorer.
Some files/folders are marked in this folder with “Sync pending” (blue recycling symbol - please have a look at the picture
(This leads to problems when I want to backup this folder with “freefilesync” on an external harddisk (I’m planning to use “Robocopy” in the future)).

First, I ask for help to solve the sync pending problem…
I think I don’t need help with the backup…
I guess the backup problem will vanish when the sync pending problem is solved.

Please, give me a hint what I can do to solve the sync pending problem.

Near my profile picture it is mentioned “offline” (in the system tray, right-click, open main window).

I tried to solve the sync pending problem:

  1. right-click on the concerning folder/file and then mark “Always keep on this device”.
  2. under “Settings”: under the 3 dots: “force sync”
  3. under “Settings”: Availability: make always available

Thanks for your help!

I have the same Problem. But until now I have no Solution :frowning:

Same here with version 3.4.

same here. Version 3.4.1

Still an issue with 3.4.1. They claim it was fixed with but it doesn’t appear to be.