Sync Outlook 2019 Tasks with Nextcloud

Is there a way to sync the 1 or more Tasks folders in Outlook 2019 to some App in the Nextcloud?

If Yes
What Nextcloud apps are available for this?
How to achieve this?
What to put in DAV URL: xxxx in Outlook CalDav Synchronizer:?? what APP?
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Many THX for taking care

PS: I found This:
Nextcloud offers CalDav Synchronizer for Outlook users - Nextcloud

Enjoy your Nextcloud Calendar, Contacts and Tasks in Outlook!

But I’m not clear where the Tasks in Task folder in outlook will go in Nextcloud

I have managed to synchronise the Outlook Taks with the app “Taks” in Nextcloud - have you already installed the app?


Where to get the URL of the App?
Are there other possibilities?
e.g. Deck?
What do you Think?

But first, let’s try with Tasks!
How did you do This?

First, I created a specific list in the “Tasks” app in Nextcloud (I only synchronise the tasks from this list with Outlook). Next, I created an additional tasks folder in Outlook (only this folder synchronises the tasks with Nextcloud). Then I created a new synchronisation profile with CalDav Synchronizer with the above-mentioned list from Nextcloud and the above-mentioned folder from Outlook.


I don’t have any experience with “deck” yet - but maybe I’ll try it out.

Great many THX
so there is a possibility!
But I do not understand What URL to put in The OL synchronizer to get the Task folder of OL2019 to Tasks in NC What App/

Hope you understand my Problem caused by leak of Knowledge! :joy:

I have taken exactly the URL that is displayed in my browser when I call up the corresponding task list from Nextcloud. After that, the desired list should be selectable by clicking on “Test or Search settings”.

Another important point - at least this was a source of error for me: The Outlook folder must of course be a folder for the content type “Tasks” and it only worked for me if it was a subfolder of the main account in Outlook.

The nextcloud app is named “tasks”. You have to add it to your nextcloud via appstore. After that you can get the link in the tasks-app in nextcloud.

Great WORX!:slightly_smiling_face:

Next: how to get the Tasks on Android Tablet
I have DAVx5 installed
What App would you recommend & how to set up?
Hope for instructions

Would suggest to use google/forum search.

First entry from a google search is a thread in the forum, maybe this can help you:

One thing to keep in mind is that reoccurring tasks are not supported in the Nextcloud WebUI (the backend does support it so you can sync them to outlook, but there is a bug in CalDavSyncronizer that will cause duplicate tasks if you mark a reoccurring task as completed on a different instance of outlook (only relevant if you’re sharing the task list with someone else using outlook).
See here for more details: Reoccurring tasks being duplicated · Issue #327 · aluxnimm/outlookcaldavsynchronizer · GitHub

Danke für den Hinweis - Ist aber schade!
Wo kann man den bitten das zu fixen?

There hasn’t been any movement on fixing it in a few years so it might be something we have to live with unfortunately :confused:

Ok, But do you know where to reach out for the developers?

Maybe they don’t know …

I want to ask them about this and their plans and how to fix.

Bug in Caldavsynchronizer: Reoccurring tasks being duplicated · Issue #327 · aluxnimm/outlookcaldavsynchronizer · GitHub

Bug in Nextcloud Tasks: [Feature Request] Repeating tasks · Issue #34 · nextcloud/tasks · GitHub