Sync one Folder Only


I am coming from Synology Cloud Drive, trying to replace it with NextCloud.

A bit confused so far, NC seems to be thought differently.

How can I sync one of my folders to one folder in the NC?

What I expect to be able to do is to setup 2 sync jobs:

Local Pictures folder will sync with NC Photos folder
Local Development folder will sync with NC Development folder

I am only able to sync the whole tree from NC and then filter out some folders.

is that the way NC works?

Using the client you can selectively sync different folders. So for instance I have a NC server that holds 4 TB of media and backups. My laptop only has 500gb so I only sync my Documents, Configs, Work-Current, and Resources folders. When I make changes either on the server to any of those folders, or make changes to those folders on my laptop, the sync job is initialized. But if I change something in my “BackupArchive” folder, then nothing happens on the laptop.

yes, I understand that.

but my problem is that I have to replicate the exact tree in my PC as on NC. even if you can filter out folders.

for example in order to go ahead and test NC i need to move my development folfer to another location which is likely to break IDE configurations.

Synology sync client uses the concept of tasks. where you can select from and to folders, also having the possibility to filter out folders . this is much easier to adopt.

you can always select the root folder to a NC folder on PC.

Ah yes, I think I see what you mean. For that kind of stuff I used symbolic links to fake it. So I have my for instance a Documents folder in NC that I use to sync /Documents/Configs/bash/.bashrc and then on my laptop I put a symbolic link in ~/.bashrc and the actual bashrc file inside of my /Configs/bash folder.

yes, I also arrived to the same conclusion.

moved my project folder to NC, then created a symlink so that old paths would still be available.

NC should not impose a directory hierarchy, I think.

I agree but I think the reason they did it this way has to do with their fear of recursive syncing issues. That seems like something that could be dealt with though.

I think what you want is possible if I understand you correctly. Choose to skip folder config when installing the client. Then, select the Avatar (or what to call it,) and choose the “add folder Sync connection” option. Then you can map any folder on the computer to any folder on your server. I personally only use this and don’t sync the “root” to make administration easier. I have 1-4 connected folder depending on device.

I hoe this helps, and I apologize if I misunderstood what you wanted.

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will test it. sounds very good.

perhaps is just an usability thing…

I noticed that it is possible to sync folder to folder at least with version 2.5.0rc2

It is not possible with the version distributed with Fedora 28, which is v 2.2

I just moved from Owncloud to Nextcloud and i’m not able to get the correct sync mechanism.
My Setup:
Client: 2.6.0stable-Win64



I want to set-up “Cam-Uploads” get synced only.
For the remote directory I only checkmark “Cam-Uploads”

If i choose loacal directory “E:\Pictures” the whole directory will get uploaded to Nextclouds Cam-Uploads directory
If i choose local directory “E:\Pictures\Cam-Uploads” all files get synced to “E:\Pictures\Cam-Uploads\Cam-Uploads”

How can i manage the client to get the desired behavior?
Is it possible to choose “E:\Pictures” and whitelist “Cam-Uploads” only?