Sync notes between serveral nextcloud installations

Is it possible to sync notes between serveral different nextcloud servers?


What you could do (if the servers are federated) is:

Use the simple official notes app on one of the nextcloud instances.

  • It will create a “notes” folder in your root directory as soon as you write a note.
  • Share this folder with write permissions to another user on the federated server (who hasn’t used notes until then).
  • After the other user has accepted the federated share he can open notes app as well and will see all the existing notes and can edit/create new ones that will then be synced to the other participating users.

This works because notes app uses the same folder name “notes” and the shared folder is also placed in the other users root folder.

Don’t know if this is officially supported but after performing a quick test it works for me.
It will probably lead to syncing problems due to versioning conflicts if the same note is edited in parallel.

This approach might as well work with other notes apps that save their data in a folder/file structure within the users file space.

Privacy note: Of course all notes both (or many) users create or edit with “notes” app will be visible/editable by the other user(s) (and accessible to system admins) on all participating nextcloud servers.