Sync local Calendar in Android phone to Nextcloud server

I have my Nextcloud server running and the Android app along with a Calendar app and Davx5 for syncing.

When I create a event in the Nextcloud web portal it automatically synchronises to my Calendar app in the phone through the DAVx5 app. But when I create an event in my Calendar app in the phone it doesn’t synchronise to the Nextcloud server and does not appear in Nextcloud web portal.

Does anyone knows how to do it?


In Android calendar there are several calendars in use. If it is a samsung device, you have a samsung calendar, local calendar and probably the Nextcloud/davx5 calendar. I sounds like the local calendar is default.
You have to find an entry in your calendar app to manage the calendars. There you set nextcloud calendar to default, or disable the other calendars.
And if you make an appointment in the app you can normally select in what agenda/calendar this should be saved.

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So, I have a Huawei which indeed has a native calendar, which as you mentioned it might be set up as default. But I’m using Simple Calendar for my appointments. I have tried to create an event in the native/default app of Huawei and it synchronises with the other app Simple Calendar, but it never appear in Nextcloud web portal. I didn’t find anywhere were to set a default calendar…

Anyway, even the one that it is supposed to be the default does not sync towards Nextcloud…

The default local calendar cannot be used if you want to sync data with Nextcloud. You can only use the calendar which is being selected/activated within DAVx5 for synchronization.
If you still want to keep your old calendar data on your smartphone, you have to export it, using the default Android calendar app, to an ics file and re-import it to the calendar which is being synched by DAVx5.

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Thanks a lot! It seem that I just didn’t understand how it works. But yeah, now I selected the new event to belong to the calendar that I’m synchronising with DAVx5 and it worked.

Thanks again!

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