Sync issues with white spaces at end of file names

Dear all,

We are currently running NextCloud

We currently have an issue where by when our Mac users (currently running sync client 2.5.1 final) accidently have white spaces at the end of folder names (e.g. due to copying and pasting), these folders are syncronised to our NextCloud server but then not to PC users (running sync client 2.5.1 final).

If these white spaces are remove via the web dashboard, the folders then sycnronise to the PC client.

I was aware of this issue with previous versions of NextCloud, are there any plans to resolve in future versions?

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Yes we have this issue as well would really like to know if there is a fix or solution.

I would say… that’s probably more an issue with the folder than with Nextcloud? Ending file or folder names with a whitespace is almost unheard of and is almost guaranteed to cause you other issues than this.

I would agree that this is an end device/client issue. Unfortunately on Mac devices that allow white spaces at the end of folders/file names, it’s very easy for users to create these by mistake and then their folders do not sync. Dropbox for example seems to be able to handle this. I’m wondering what the best solution to this is in the case these folders/files are created by mistake.



Is there anyone on here who can help resolve this I would even be willing to possibly pay for support in this matter. Right now i have an old next cloud server and the new one which is incomplete due to the spaces in the file names on the old server.

Hi Jeremy,

I am also in a similar position and would be willing to pay for support. I have contacted NextCloud directly regarding this issue and they don’t offer support on a per issue basis. I would have to sign up to a full support contract for a year.