Sync Folder Location on Android


What is the sync folder location on Android? Where should I save my files on Android so they are uploaded ?

  • Start the Nextcloud Android app
  • Open the left sidebar
  • Go to “Auto upload”
    • If your desired folder on the phone is already listed, you can configure it with the three dots next it and en/disable it with the cloud icon
    • If your desired folder on the phone is not yet available, you can use the three dots menu in the upper right corner to create a sync between any folder of your phone and any folder of your cloud
  • Note that “Auto upload” is not a two-way synchronization but only upload

Hmmm, I guess I could make that work.

  1. Say I want to edit \Documents\Work\File.txt on my phone
  2. Add Auto-upload on my phone: from phone\Documents\Work to upload to \Documents\Work\
  3. download file to phone\Documents\Work\File.txt (on my phone)
  4. Edit phone\Documents\Work\File.txt
  5. phone\Documents\Work\File.txt gets auto uploaded
  6. in the future if I want to edit \Documents\Work\File.txt on my phone again, download it manually again to phone\Documents\Work\File.txt

Is there a way to setup a true 2 way sync on a specific folder on my phone?