Sync files like .dll

Do I add the .dll to the exclude box in the security settings.
I’m on nextcloud 23.03

Is this a question or a statement? What exactly is your goal or issue?

I guess, you add them to the ignore list, if you don’t want to sync them and remove them, if you want to sync them… My question would be, why are you trying to sync folders that contain dll files in the first place?

I’m trying to sync them. I run an instance of portable apps on nextcloud and also keep backups of apps I’ve installed.
I’m willing to take the risk as it’s just for me and my small business.

AFAIK dll files are not blocked by default, but since i’m not a regular Windows user, I could be wrong about this…

…but you can edit the exclude list of the Desktop Client, either directly in the file sync-exclude.lst or in the settings of the Desktop Client. On Linux the file is located in /home/youruser/.config/Nextcloud, so I guess on Windows it’s located somewhere in c:\Users\youruser\appdata\....

If the exclude list does not contain an entry for *.dll files and it still doesn’t work, it’s also possible, that the file type is blocked directly on the server-side by an app called “File Access Control”.

Other than that I don’t have any more ideas why it wouldn’t work, except if the dll files in question are currently beeing used maybe…

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