Sync errors when downloading. Symptoms and temporary solution


In our bussiness we have a NextCloud server with about 400 users. Since some months ago we notice that some users have problems to sync with the desktop app.

Example: One of our users have an account and synchronize all the files with the windows 10 client (last version). He doesn’t have too many files in it, but he have a folder shared by other collegues. This folder is big. Very big (about 60 Gb) and it have a lot of files. Today I decided to make some tests with this user. I deleted his “nextcloud” folder, deleted all the config in the nextcloud sync application and make a complete sync. The application should download all the data from the server (Ubuntu Linux 16.04, Redis, File locking with redis, php 7.3, nextcloud 17.0.3, all security warnings in green) to the computer. 60 GB. It only must do this… But when the sync starts, it stops shortly (in some minutes). It syncs about… 250 MB and it stops. Then I closed the nextcloud client with the task manager and I opened it again. It can synchronize another 300 Gb and then it stopped again. I repeated it few times and allwais the same behavior. I changed a lot of parameters in the server, but nothing apears to work.

So, i dedided to try with another webdab client. I installed the last nextcloud beta, but it still stop the sync again (and i tried a lot of times). So i try with the last owncloud client and… ¡¡Voilá!! The sync finished without problems.

So i think that something is wrong with the actual nextcloud client (and the betas). I think that it is not normal that the owncloud client works perfectly and the nextcloud client can’t sync the same files in the same circunstances.

It seems a big bug of the nextcloud client. I’ve seen posts in forums complaining about the same application behavior I think that this bug arrived some versions ago and the next beta still have it. I think that somebody should fix it as soon as possible.

Hello, please see issue tracker at GitHub.
Can you please look if your issue is already reported?
Otherwise file a new one and add all information you can add (use issue template).


I created this thread this morning

I hope someone review the tread, because I think that it must be a bug that needs to be corrected

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