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How great would be Nextcloud if user could choose one of this options:

Upload Only
(computer to server)

(default when possible)

Download Only
(server to computer)

PS.: BTA, requiring 15 chars for the title lengh of the post is a perfect nonsense…

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<ot>This forums has some senseless settings. You aren’t be able to delete or edit old PM’s, for example.</ot>

Please don’t mix subject, if you don’t like settings in the forum, make a new topic in the meta-section. Admins probably won’t look here.

The client is currently only branded. But for the future this would be an interesting option. Server only could be achieved by sharing the content read-only to a specific user-account and then sync this account to your computer.


ThomasMarx you explain so
well what’s going on, that nothing more I’ll comment about the forum itself.
Now, the important is the welcome new features I suggested.

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