Sync Contacts with IOS App (sync from Iphone to Nextcloud)


I managed to configure the IOS App so, that it syncs contacts from nextcloud to Iphone. However the other way does not work. So my Iphone contacts do not get synced to nextcloud. Is there an option to do this?

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do i understand right, that you can see contacts which were created on NC on your iPhone, now?
If you would change, just for testing purpose, a detail of such a contact (e.g. modify a name to something remarkable) on your iPhone - wait a couple of minutes to ensure sync. Can you see the changed contact within your NC, then?

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have you noticed where the contacts are located on your iPhone and where you create them?
You can imagine it like this: There is a folder for Icloud contacts with the previous contacts. Now a new, 2nd folder has been created in which the Nextcloud contacts are synchronized.

This means that your old contacts (which are already on the iPhone / on the iCloud) are not automatically uploaded to the Nextcloud, and you also have to create new contacts in the “Nextcloud” folder (but then they are no longer in the iCloud)

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right. I created 3 test contacts in nextcloud. They were synced to my IPhone (created a selfsigned certificate with openssl …).

In the contacts app of Iphone I see the following folders:
First line:

  • All contacts (including the 3 created in nextcloud + the username of the account for nextcloud)

Section headlined : “Nextcloud”

  • All nextcloud contacts (the 3 created in nextcloud + the username of the account for nextcloud)
  • Accounts ( the username of the account for nextcloud)
  • Recently contacted (0 entries)

Section headlined : “Iphone”

  • All Iphone contacts (my old iphone contacts)

Regarding your suggestion:
I can change e.g. the phonenumber (of one of the entries created in nextcloud) with the Iphone contatcs app. (Confirm with ready…) After reopening the contact in the Iphone contacts app the phonenumer is still changed.

After 10-15 minutes the changed phonenumber is synced to the corresponding contact in nextcloud.

So it seems that changes with iphone app of existing contacts (created with nextcloud) are synced back to nextcloud.

Next test:
I tried to create a new contact in the nextcloud folder with the iphone app (push +, enter data, confirm with ready). However, the new contact does not appear in the list of this folder (as if i have no right to create a new object in this folder)

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ok understood. So I have to copy all contacts from the iphone folder to the nextcloud folder. Then the will be synced to nextcloud.

However, as described in my previous post, I am not apple to create a new object in the nextcloud folder of the iphone contacts app. Is this a bug or a feature?

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In my screenshot above, you can see that there are 4 different areas for the “NextCloud” parent folder:

  • All NextCloud contacts
  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Last contacted.

The “Contacts” and “Accounts” folders are important. All user accounts are listed in “Accounts” and all contacts are listed in “Contacts”.
You must ensure that you create a new contact in the “Contacts” folder and not, for example, in the “All NextCloud contacts” folder (as a user account could theoretically also be created here).

This means:
If you try to select the “Contacts” folder under the “NextCloud” section and create a new one in it (plus symbol in the top right), it should work.

maybe this (link) could help to export all iPhone contacts and import them into NextCloud, then?

…further, maybe it could be helpful to define the NextCloud-Account to be the primary addressbook for the iPhone where new contact would be created then (link):
Go to Settings → Contacts → Choose a default account

Thank you for the logical explanation. I am able to create new contacts in the contacts subfolder. And they are synced to nextcloud.