Sync client Vers 3.5.2 (Windows) syncs in neverending loop

After update to Sync client 3.5.2 the problem arose. The client syncs every minute the same files in a neverending loop. It seems to be a bug. Do I have the possibility to downgrade to previous client?


What do you mean? I can downgrade? How to do? Only download an install? no problems, because newer version is already installed?

Download an older package and execute it. It will overwrite the newer version but keep the settings.

I downgraded to 3.5.1 and it works. sync loop stopped. It’s a bug in 3.5.2.

It took me 2 attempts before the downgrade worked. First I klicked the msi package. It didn’t work fine. Then I used this command in Powershell: msiexec /passive /i “…path-to-file\Nextcloud-3.5.1-x64.msi”