Sync client logs out from account after pc restart

Hello, i use Nextcloud Desktop Sync Client on Debian for İnfomaniak kDrive. Everytime i restart my pc the client logs out from my account and wants me to sign in again. I checked the settings, reinstalled the clients but i couldn’t manage to solve it. I also use it on windows and that works perfectly. The version is 3.1.1-2 and my debian version is 11 with Kernel 5.11.

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I’m not sure what exactly is causing the problem. To me it looks like your credentials or the login token that gets generated when you login with the client, will not be saved. Maybe you could provide a little more details about your system, like what kind of desktop environment you are using…

Beside of that. The client in the Debian bullseye repos is already outdated. I would recommend to use the version from the PPA or the App Image.


Hello bb77, thanks for your reply. I have removed my current package and downloaded the App image from github. When i opened it i received this error on the bottom right corner:

The server on account runs an unsupported version Using this client with unsupported server versions is untested and potentially dangerous. Proceed at your own risk.

I closed the notification and proceeded with the app and i received another error:

Reopen browser option didn’t work and copy link button doesn’t do anything :confused:

Looks like a very old unsupported version of Nextcloud… if this version number actualy is the version of Nextcloud they are using!? And nowhere on their website it is mentioned that kDrive is actually Nextcloud… Hmmm.

Anyway… It looks like you are still logged in with a token that is not accepted…

Quit the client and delete the config folder as follows:

rm -R ~/.config/Nextcloud

And maybe you could then try the client they offer on their website… Maybe it is somehow customized…?

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Hello again mate, sorry for the late response, after deleting the config folder the Nextcloud App image won’t get started, i’m not sure why. I downloaded the official sync client and that is also basically a modified version of nextcloud sync client. It works and problem solved. Thanks for your input i appreciate it.

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Hello again mate, kDrive’s official app messed up my files and i uninstalled it. After deleting the config file as you said i couldn’t get Nextcloud Appimage to open again can you help me?

Im not sure where the problem is… I was under the impressin that nothing gets installed if you use an AppImage. Maybe some things got left behind when you removed the client from the Debian repos? Also i’m not that familiar with Debian on the desktop in general and KDE Plasma in particular

I would try the following:

  1. delete the kDrive AppImage

  2. install the client from the Debian repos again

    apt install nextcloud-desktop

  3. then remove the Debian client with the apt purge command…

    apt purge nextcloud-desktop

  4. remove all unused dependencies

    apt autoremove

  5. reboot and try again…

I went on with the steps but unfortunately it hasn’t solved it nextcloud appimage still won’t open. I now installed nextlcloud from debian repos again and at least it’s working but still asks my credentials every time i restart my pc. I appreciate your input thank you.