Sync client for FreeBSD?

So I’m new to trying out the BSDs, and I’m rather clueless, but I was wondering if the owncloud sync client works for FreeBSD also, and if so, how do I get it? I know how to do bash, but I don’t know FreeBSD packaging or anything, I’m a day 1 user. Thank you!

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I am only using FreeBSD as my server OS for nextcloud, but you should be able to compile mirall (name of the sync-client) from the git-repositories. You might need to also install some Linux-Compatibility-Software.
For all of this you can consult the FreeBSD Handbook, it is a great resource for everything you can do on and with FreeBSD. Also, this question seems to be more suited for the FreeBSD-Forums, since this is where the experts are lurking and actually are very active and helpfull, too!

Good luck on your endeavours with FreeBSD! It is a great OS. And until you got the client working, you can always use webDAV.

As a side note, check out BSD Now, a BSD-Podast, which you can also mail into: Site, Reddit ← also a great “forum” to post your question to.

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Awesome that’s very helpful information. Thank you! :slight_smile:

If I can figure out how to get all this to work, I will post a guide on here for people who are interested

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You can use the owncloudclient port for now


Excellent contribution, is still working fine; even on 2019!! Actualized port, new look running in a new port of FreeBSD, NomadBSD. So sad Nextcloud doesn’t have their own.
Thank you.

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