Sync calendar with Exchange

At work we using MS Exchange for everything, at home I use my Nextcloud (of course).
Now I looking for the option to sync one calendar between Exchange and Nextcloud. I want to see what is in my work-Exchange-calender, when I’m home and looking in the Nextcloud (browser) calendar.
An outlook app isn’t useful, because my working laptop isn’t all day online. And I can’t import the Nextcloud calendar (via CalDAV), because my Exchange work calendar is shared with other people.

So, what are my options to sync the Exchange with CalDAV or import the Exchange calendar to Nextcloud?

Ist that suitable for you?

I don’t know how?

The ‘Outlook CalDav Synchronizer’* helps me a little, bit this syncs only, when my laptop is online and Outlook is started.
The Exchange-Server ist 24/7 online, also the Nextcloud-Server … so, I looking for a (Nextcloud-)Server-side solution.


Exchange has a CALDAV sync capability, if that is not disabled you can use that. Not aware of other options.

How can I use native CalDAV with Exchange? I don’t see a way …

Maybe DavMail is an option!? I have to try.

It is called iCAL in Exchange …

I’m very sorry, but I still doesn’t have a idea what you mean. What should I ‘click’ at Outlook or Nextcloud to ‘use’ those?

In the calendar app in NC, there is a subscribe option - with that you can just import such an ical link which you can create from Exchange if the option is enabled by your admin.

The admin don’t know if it’s enabled. He can’t/won’t look for it. And if not, he can’t/wouldn’t enable it.
Is there no other option?

Maybe a other tool which sync exchange and my Cal-/CardDAV at my server. Not at single client.