Sync calendar MAC and nextcloud

I tried many times, but I cannot sync my calendar on Mac and Nextcloud:
I follow the configuration on the manual, putting the name of the server Nextcloud (tried with and without https://…), then my username, and then tried both with my password, and with a password generated for the app.

Nothing. The answer is always the same, impossible to verify user and password.

Everything is working well, https works like a charm, but I don’t know where to look for advices…

Have you read the related paragraph in the documentation and searched the forum for an answer?

Sure I did. It is not Ios but macos. In any case I read the macos paragraph, and it is useless since following the instructions it simply doesn’t work.

After infinite attempts, this is the right procedure:

  • Create a password for the app Calendar and another one for the app contacts on the mac. Write down the password on a text file.
  • Follow the guide on the manual but DON’T use manual, instead go to advanced with the following settings:

username: the username
password: the one generated via nextcloud for the app
url: the right one, without https:// (only servername.domainname)
path: /remote.php/dav/principals/users/USERNAME
port: 443
USE SSL: flagged

Probably it should be changed in the manual…

Another option is to be sure that .htaccess file on the directory of nextcloud is used.

In that case the rewrite directive works well and webdav addresses are discovered correctly by the clients, also on Mac

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