Sync CALDAV with new Windows Mail and Calendar app

The handy little app bundle in Windows, Mail and Calendar went away sadly and being replaced with a new Outlook branded one.
The old iCloud hacky way of syncing caldav from our NC instance is not working anymore. I can’t be the onky one, who wants to sync the Caldav to a Windows PC. Does anyone has any solution to this?

I installed and use Thunderbird. Works seamlessly, no problems.

Outlook for Windows only works with an existing Microsoft 365 license.

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So it seems the deep integration for Windows is over. Sad…

Also there’s this: PH Cloud CalDAV Sync - Official app in the Microsoft Store

Itás preatty shitty. I used in the past, might try it again.

It is very tricky even to add the IMAP email portion now. You have to enter your address, move forward in steps then back again to get the option to manually enter the server details. But I cannot get any connectivity to the Calendar and if you look at the settings for Calendar for the IMAP account it will tell you many of the features will not work with that type of account. Also, I’m not sure it is apparent anymore but there was a disclaimer stating all of your data would now be synced with Microsoft Cloud. So the Outlook app at best is not private.