Sync between Nextcloud and Nextcloud

Hi There.

I am running two Nextcloudserver and i want to sync my calendar between these 2.

Any ideas about that ?



You ca share your calendar from one server to another if these two servers are connected for federated sharing

Federation is different from syncing. Why not use an intermediate? Sync from one server to Thunderbird and then from there to the next …

All right, some leaks from the Nextcloud Labs !

In this setup we have 3 instances of Nextcloud: (Blue. Green, Purple)
Each instance of Nextcloud have a Circle with a name related the color of the Nextcloud.
Those 3 Circles are ‘Federated’ and linked together like this:

Blue Circle linked to Green Circle.
Green Circle linked to Purple Circle.

What you’re seeing is a Calendar created on the Blue Nextcloud and shared to the Blue circle. Because Blue is linked to Green (you don’t see the Green Nextcloud on the video, but it is here), Green is linked to Purple and the user on the last Nextcloud is a member of the Purple Circle, the new event in this calendar is displayed on the Purple Nextcloud

First, this is totally a Work In Progress. There is still a lot of work needed and because of the complexity of the DAV system, at this point, it is more a proof of concept than anything else.
I really hope this feature working and available for NC13.



i thank you for your anwsers.



@Cult How far has this progressed? I can’t connect two instances of nextcloud via circles - just getting an error. On one side is “without error code”, the other talks about

“error”:“Passing in the “body” request option as an array to send a POST request has been deprecated. Please use the “form_params” request option to send a application/x-www-form-urlencoded request, or the “multipart” request option to send a multipart/form-data request.”}