Symlinks not Synced

Symlinks are broadly used on *nix systems. Nextcloud file synchronization does not handle this filetype correctly. Instead of copying the symlink the links are clobbered, over-written by the refreneced file.

I’ve done some reading in the archives and found some comments about loops, which leaves me incredulous. Why would any symlink be followed? This is not the expected behavior. The symlink should be synchronized as-is. Where it points to is irrelevant. Overwriting the symlinks with the referenced file results in duplicate files and is generally destructive.

Expected behavior: symlink copied to target system as a symlink

It is my understanding that at some point previously this was how synchronization behaved. Can someone point me to the last linux client that supported this behavior? I’d much rather run an older version than constantly have my symlinks overwritten. Please advise.