Symfony API for Integration in CMS

Hello everyone,

this is not really an issue, so sorry if I am posting to the wrong board. I have a question that I am yet not able to answer myself via Google.

I want to build an integration for a customer of mine into the Symfony CRM we are currently developing for them.

The use case is to replace Microsoft OneDrive as the client has major issues with it and wants to move from the additional app to an in-system solution that will be placed inside the CRM.

I just want to know if there is a PHP API wrapper available that could be used in Symfony to build a custom UI - or if thats not feasible, is an integration to the NextCloud Interface possible via iFrame?

But lets be honest - if we’re going to include the NextCloud solution to replace Microsoft, I’d like to show my customer a well-implemented solution, and not a “boring” iFrame that I don’t have any control over.


  • is there any API written already in PHP or do I have to create my own?
  • has anyone ever before attempted to do such a thing? I figure that NextCloud already has an Interface, but thats only the last resort


There is a well established API, yes. Also a Nextcloud APP that enables an API to be used by basically any other language or service. I also think there is even a python API.

Hi @Kerasit, thanks for taking care to answer.

Could you pinpoint me to the PHP wrapper for the API? I weren’t able to find it right off the bat.

I only found this one here, but its 7 years old. GitHub - ovesco/nextcloud-api-wrapper: A php wrapper around nextcloud API

It is a Nextcloud app:

But it depends on excactly what you wish to achieve? The developer documentation might be more what you are looking for:

And then there is a form powered bot for generating an app (that you can enhance and change to your likings):

However reading your post again, it seems you wish to integrate from outside NC and into NC. If it is “just” files you are after, then just use WebDAV.