Symbolic link inside app (macOS)

Hi all,

Well, this is not an issue, and not limited to a version, it’s more or less a feature request.

I currently use the client on macOS Mojave with an iMac and a MBP.

I sync my developer data drive’s content with my Nextcloud installation. There are some apps (files that end on .app) that I sync. I noticed on apps that I developed with Xojo there are symbolic links inside the app that link to another file inside the app. Of course the Nextcloud app refuses to sync these files because of this link.

I suggest that symlinks inside an app on macOS are uploaded as the files they are. Otherwise these apps become destroyed and don’t work any more.

I’m excited awaiting your answer.


BTW, Messages look like this:
04.11.18 12:34:37,Fotografieren/Colors for/Luminar/Xojo/Builds - Colors for Luminar.xojo_binary_project/OS X 64 bit/Colors for, /Volumes/Daten,Symbolische Verknüpfungen werden bei der Synchronisation nicht unterstützt.

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Nobody here to answer?

Just to chime in, I’m seeing the same thing with macOS app bundles, and would love the suggested resolution.

There is no-one who cares about this issue. I also opened an issue with the developers, but they don’t have any resonible answer.

Do you have a link to the github issue? I’d like to follow it if so.