Switch from plain to LDAP authentication

I have migrated successfully from owncloud to nextcloud (
Now i would like to migrate the authentciation from plain to LDAP. So far i got the AD LDAP authentication up and running, but would like to have the users having their existing profiles (& data). -> so the logon name for AD is the same, but nextcloud doesn’t “match” to the exisiting user but creates a new one with cryptic names (with underscore). What is the proper way to solve that issue as I couldn’t find any references? Thank you.


afaik, this won’t be possible without messing around with the database, since ownCloud/nextcloud always use these uuid-named accounts internally, but those get cross-referenced to their resp. ldap accounts via a table in the DB.
Regarding the “cryptic” user names of your AD users, you can specify which attribut to choose for account resolution on the AD. However, this won’t help you with your datastore.

thanks. in the end it worked out by first getting the LDAP config the way i wanted it (e.g. using users from AD that were not yet in nextcloud to see how the DB internals would look like) and then manually editing the DB.

Problem solved. :slight_smile: