Switch a poll from public to private and vice versa

Hi all. I would love to be able to switch my poll from a private one to a public one - and vice versa. Or at least see the option “create public poll”/“create private poll” before creating the poll.

While I seem to not be able to figure out how to create a public poll, another team member has difficulties creating a private one. Can somebody help us out?

Depends on what you call a “private poll”.

  • “private poll” means only invited users are able to see the poll and participate. Change it on the share tab inside the the sidebar to an “open poll”; The witch is labeled “Internal access”
  • An “open poll” allows all internal users to access the poll and participate.
  • A “public poll” is a poll with one or more public shares, also added on the share tab by adding a public share. With the link of this share, external users are able to register for participation.

Upon creating the poll, the poll is set to private by default.