SVG support in Nextcloud

I would like to ask what are the visions regarding SVG support

I understand that most users are mainly interested in raster bitmap graphics, but it would be nice if this SVG vector format could be displayed in Nextcloud, for some of us svg is an important format.

What are the options now, I see 3:
1, No SVG support
2, installing libmagickcore-6.q16-6-extra, but there is a security risk here, nobody in their right mind wants to install it
3, link to imaginary GitHub - h2non/imaginary: Fast, simple, scalable, Docker-ready HTTP microservice for high-level image processing

A related thing is the previews, I’m not sure if the preview generator can handle svg.

I also found PHP-SVG (The zero-dependency vector graphics library for PHP applications)

Is it realistic to implement this library?