Support temp removeable devices

as soon as someone inserts removeable media (sd-card, usb-stick or drive)

would be nice if it would be automounted (lvm? luks? fs?) and available as an external storage.

then it would be easy to copy files to and from that device.

use case:

  • to fast import a sd-card with photos from a journey
  • if a friend needs a huge amount of data

That is server side, right?

yes, i use nextcloud on my nas and it would be nice to attach devices there directly without going through network

(ok i could do cp and files:scan but… well thats not nice and more work)

Why not using the device on your desktop/notebook and you the desktop client?

too many files… sometimes around 1TB or a few thousand files.
USB3 is just faster than my 2.5gbit network

Ok, understood.

Personally I doubt how many people have physical access to their NC server.
Even if the server is at home. I have it down in the cellar. Jm2c.