Support for virtual files in Nextcloud client?

The ownCloud client has this cool feature of “virtual files” - is there any chance the nextCloud client will have something similar?
For me, this feature is quite helpful, because I have the whole folder structure locally available, I can browse it to search for a specific file, and then download it.
With the nextCloud client, I can do this only via the web interface, and then I have to go to the client and click my way through the folder structure just to download one file or its containing folder.
I don’t want to download the whole folder structure we have on our nextCloud server, because that would be around 100 GB.
(The only option the nextCloud client offers is to ask whether it should download files larger than x MB, but that does not help with my problem.)

there is a new client in development which will do exactly what you are requesting.

Here is a topic on the whole discussion about the Virtual Drive Client

Thanks a lot for the pointer!

There seems to be a bit of commotion about this new features.
One thing I have gleaned is that virtual files disappear when the client is not running, which would be a complete show stopper for me. (I have voiced that concern in the respective thread.)

Nextcloud 3.2.0 now supports virtual file support