Support for user_sql

We run the user_sql App in our Nextcloud. This app is maintained by Nextcloud. Sadly, there is no compatible version for a version of Nextcloud not beeing EOL.
Is there any commitment from the Nextcloud Devs to update the apps published by them to be maintained for a version with support?


not sure how you came to this conclusion, but according to User and Group SQL Backends - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud this app is a community app and not maintained by Nextcloud itself. I was going to suggest to raise an issue at GitHub for supporting newer version, but looking at Support Nextcloud 25 · Issue #188 · nextcloud/user_sql · GitHub it seems that there’s not much happening there right now.

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Found the developer on Github.

According to this issue:
This plugin works with NC 25 for me. However, Name sync and Email sync settings must be “Synchronise only once”

Just judging from his activity, it’s pretty safe to assume that there won’t be a new update anytime soon. Also his website is not reachable anymore…

I saw the repository as “GitHub - nextcloud/user_sql: 🔒 App for authenticating Nextcloud users using SQL”, and thought posting the repository under the nextcloud-account somehow makes this a nextcloud project.

Hm, I learned something, but didn’t hope for that answer.

Any suggestions how to proceed?