Support for Multi-tenancy

We are currenlty in the proccess of concidering intergrating nextcloud for out customers. Our current application is base on multi-tenancy.

Does nextcloud support multi-tenancy out of the box? i.e one installation for multiple tenants (subdomains)?

Pavlos Elpidorou

hey @pavlos_elpidorou

multi-tenancy based on linux? shouldn’t be a real problem.
but… this seems to be a professional usecase here. and you are asking your question on the community (aka home-driven) forum… so of course there could be some valid answers here as well… but if you want a reliable answer and maybe even a solution try to talk to nextcloud inc, directly and let them offer you a quote for professional support. for professionals.
that would be considered very fair.

thank you.


It’s possible to switch themes based on subdomains (with few lines of code) and organize users in groups and enable certain apps only for some groups.

All users (even if they are in different groups) are using the same database tables. That’s a problem if you have to restore a backup for only one customer.

I would suggest to run one instance per customer. Hosting companies like Hetzner also using that approach.

With a little bit know how you can implement it on your own.
You only must copy and modify installation and do db-manipulations.

Perhaps with docker?

Perhaps automate and repeat the installation.

You could run an instance per tenant fairly easily with Docker and a reverse proxy. You can copy the compose file, change a few variables, and spin up a new one quickly and easily. Upgrades with the Docker version are also easy and more stable. If you’re doing this as a service for non-profits, that’s how I would do it.

If you’re doing this for paying customers, then you should to invest in official support.