Support for DLO in Swift storage

Hi all

I have come across Nextcloud only yesterday, so apologies for being way behind the curve here.

Our institution has tasked me with setting up ownCloud (am I allowed to use that word here?) which I have done successfully and they are running a POC on it as we speak. But, the one feature that is bugging us quite a bit, which I haven’t been able to get an update on, is DLO support for swift. For those not familiar, it stands for Dynamic Large Objects. Basically it just means that the swift API will chunk up files larger than 5GB, to ensure that an object of 50GB being uploaded doesn’t have to start from scratch if something were to happen at 45GB. This is a very dummed down explanation, but feel free to check it out at
Swift DLO.

I know that Nextcloud also uses the rackspace php-opencloud app to handle all swift interactions. According to release tracking, Rackspace has already updated that library to handle DLOs. But it seems that Nextcloud still uses an outdated version of the php-opencloud library. Could someone perhaps tell me if there are any intentions of updating from version 1.9.2 to the latest version 1.14.2?

Any response on this will be GREATLY appreciated. I am currently testing Nextcloud and it seems 90% certain we will be migrating to Nextcloud from the other platform which shall not be named. But this “bug” will most certainly have an effect.

Kindest regards!

If you already identified the modules requiring an update, you can just put a feature request on the bugtracker at Developers are on the forum but there are so many issues that single request can be a bit lost and keeping track of specific request is better handled on github. Or just try and ask via IRC.