Support category with several hundred topics without response

since I watched the forum for some time I noticed that the support workflow for help is oriented at the very new topics because of the default topic list order like LIFO (last in first out) or just a support-chat. So people need to bump their topics when there is no activity for some time otherwise they will never get an answer.

When I try to reorder the support topic list I get all the topics without answers but the second order with the activity has no order and there is no way to get this working with a second parameter in the url like acending=true&firstorder=post&secondorder=activity or something like that.

A compromise could be a autoMoveBot that moves out solved topics to a solved-category and outdated support-topics with no activity for maybe 3 month to a outdated-support-category or something. - Multiple automatically sorted categories could help too like 3-month-noactivity-category - 6-month-noactivity-category - long-term-noactivity-category.
When answering to an outdated topic it should be moved automatically to the main-support category.


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It is an interesting idea, I just don’t know if it is possible - perhaps it is. I can’t find anything in the settings, though… Maybe one of you can have a look at the discourse site, if there’s a way?

Would likely need to ask discourse themselves since a Google search doesn’t bring anything up

Initially, I was hoping that with discourse there would be less duplicates and people already get suggestions when they create a new topic. Unfortunately, that is not working very well.

I go through unanswered topics from time to time and at least try to categorize and tag them correctly. I’m not sure if we have the man power to answer all topics. Some topics could probably solved by the thread opener by searching a bit more in existing topics, however some topics handle real issues which would be important to investigate in more detail but they are lost in the flow of messages.

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Solved threads can already be marked as solved, so a new category would just messes more with this than it solved from my point of view. Not all TOs mark their threads after solved but our moderators catch up with this often. I would stick with this, so all topics stay within the category they belong to, subject wise, which makes it then also easier to find infos for others to avoid own threads. E.g. threads within some specific app category…

About unanswered threads. Yes this in old issue, I think on nearly every forum without a bunch of paied supporters/moderators. The info box about similar threads is already nice. A bot to auto answer that pushes the thread and e.g. redirects the TO to github could make sense. Often the unanswered threads are such, that handle a quite specific question/issue that simply can’t be answered by most forum members. But also a soft reminder to do some more own research and add the additional found infos to the thread makes sense :wink:. This also increases the chance of somebody being able to help.