Super-newbie: using share with client without full account?

Hi there, a pretty general newbie question:
I installed NC latest download on Win 10.

I have NO own webspace or account but simply a shared-folder address I received from my supervisor.

I can access the files in this folder via Internet (naturally), but hoped to be able to integrate the shared folder in my client and get all the benefits from this integration in Windows Explorer, like synchronisation in the background, easy access to files.

It looks, though, that I cannot get anywhere in the installation/configuration process without providing (see start page of programm):

  • own account
  • own server address
  • external account

I might not fully understand the concept here, but is it somehow possible to install the client without an own account/webspace and just use the funcionality of the client with a shared-folder that I am granted access to?

Thanks for a hint

Hi @Peter-uuuuu

currently this is unfortunately not possible, but there is a pending feature request with the sync client:

You can, however, mount the shared link as WebDAV folder, have a look at the documentation here:


In Nextcloud you can use Federation (docs).

You also can use Federation in the apps. But you need an own account user@cloud.server.tld.

You can create a 60 minutes test user:

Server is: or
User is a 16 charater/digit user name e.g. yZ7EXwW2XMJC3ABC
Password is: demo

You can configure it in your app and use the federated share.

Ok, Thanks, will try both your ideas…