Super-new to nextcloud, wondering whats possible, just some thoughts


I’m doing some research for a potential replacement of our google drive subscription (small video company, 8 google drive users). I like the idea of self-hosting (we have multiple 24/7 servers), and i stumbled on nextcloud.

What i really need:

-email client
-easy to share files
-possibility to let clients upload things, without logging in)

I guess this is all part of the nextcloud experience, right?

I was also wondering, is possible (maybe with addons/extensions) to create some kind of video-environment, where people can add comments to videos, or even annotations? a bit like how dropbox replay/frame io handles it.

I’ve also seen a video on youtube where someone sort-of integrates jellyfin within the nextcloud environment.

Also, i heard it is open source, and completely “yours”, no matter how much users i would have. How exactly does nextcloud earn money? when i go the website, and go to “trial”, on the bottom i see “get a quote”, what exactly does that mean?

Yes, mail is available with access to files, contacts and calendar
It is easy to share and you may create a file drop feature
Making anonymous uploads — Nextcloud latest User Manual latest documentation

Collabora server/Nextcloud office enable you to co-write documents.
Nextcloud Talk will add video conversations, chat and calls.
Recognize for automated tagging of media with machine learning.
Comments to add comments to files.

Check out the “Solutions” on for the money question.
You do not need trial for on-premise, just download and install.

I use Nextcloud for personal/family use on-premise. AGPL free software refer to freedom, not price, for professional use check with Nextcloud staff.

Give it a try, you won’t miss Google Drive!

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If i go to the solutions page, and the enterprise section, they claim a couple of things which is don’t exactly understand. like “Take advantage of high performance and minimal latency at any scale, from hundreds to thousands to millions of distributed users.”

Not sure if i get this. If i’m self hosting, things as latency is purely depending on me/my server/internet connection, right?

from what i see it looks like nextcloud earns his money by offering service and support.

Reason for questioning this is because once we decide to jump on board, i want to be 100% sure that there is absolutely no way that anybody else can pull the plug or suddenly charge us to continue with our workflow, or whatsoever. that’s the main reason why i’m interested.

indeed correct.

Which means on the other hand if you are selfhosting and keep care of your problems, maintanence yourself etc, you’re off for free.

if you want to try nextcloud… there are some options…

you don’t need to stay with any of those providers it’s just to give you an impression of what NC is capable of, etc.

usually… you won’t have any problems with the amount of users allowed.