SuiteCRM-integration: Where/how to change the ID, where is it 'stored' when one made errors on it?

Hi, I have the problem, that I created the false Client on suilteCRM, so how can I get back to the
ID and secrets -window/form to fill these in?

Before it sometimes worked to remove the suiteCRM-Integration. But no longer now.
Now I get only the SuiteCRM instance address and User name, Password window/form.

Where is that ID and secret stored, how to remove and/or change these?
Or better, is there a way to switch to that other window back?

Are you sure this is the correct forum for your issue? This seems rather about installation of i get it correctly.
This forum section is about development in the core and apps and how to solve issues there. I fear you will not get the right audience here to help you.
Please clarify, then a mod can eventually move the topic to the correct forum.

Moved to features & apps

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Hey Christian,
if the forum was for core and apps then it might be not the false one?
It’s a question where nextcloud-apps (here suiteCRM-interaction, which is part of the featured nextcloud-apps) store their infos and if/how there is a procedure to delete that stored fields when the app is removed, to get a clear new start of it.

I understand if you don’t see it as a ‘core’-question.
I will now try to figure out in app-code where the key-infos are stored in the DB. (seems like the app has no Version-timestamp migration function like told in tutorials).
If there is generally docs about where nextcloud stores apps fields, I would be happy to know.
Thank you.

Nervermind found it out myself.
For the community:
It’s stored in nextcloud-DB, hidden not in a table name ‘integration_suitecrm’, (there is no such), but in ‘oc_appconfig’. Theres a lot of other app fields in that table too.

So after all suiteCRM 8.2.2 with Nextcloud 25.0.2 is possible with version change (in info.xml) and path-changes (in lib/Service/SuiteCRMAPIService.php) I posted here in Forum.

Maybe it’s useful for someone, even if I got no help in days on my questions in this forum.
Thank you, very good community!