Suggestions for

The Nextcloud appstore is a website (and there is also a tool within Nextcloud server itself). I find the website difficult to navigate and wanted to start a discussion about it. Links are to their respective github feature requests.

I find myself confused by the appstore, because it has become cluttered and confusing to navigate:

What is supported on your installed release?
What is supported if your upgrade?

A few refinements that could help:

Just some thoughts to get further discussion going. Not exhaustive by any stretch. Thankfully, the store works okay as-is. Thanks for reading.


Filtering by supported NC server version would be awesome :star_struck:ā€¦

Yes. I think this is very easy.
Maybe the apps can be removed to another website.

Not sure what you mean by moving them to another website.

Iā€™m all about cleaning up a little bit there. Apps that are no longer supported could be moved to a kind of archive.