[Suggestion] Multiple keyword search

Hi !

I’m about to migrate from zimbra.free.fr to nextcloud but there’s some crucial features not embeded in Nextcloud yet. One of them is the ability to search a contact from multiple keywords AND with logical operators. My search requests are working on “Entreprise” and “Function” labels.
Example : “structureName -admin” in order to select all profil of a structure without the administrators employees.

I experiment that logical operators (the exclusion one ‘-’ is really usefull for my job) aren’t implemented in the search engine. But it also seems that you can’t do an “and” operator (meaning using 2 keywords separated with a space) searching both in “Entreprise” and “Function” labels of a profil.

I think it’s a suggestion that could be implemented with not so much effort. Specially the ability to search through all fields when a simple “and” operator is used. Maybe it could slow the search process but we can imagine forcing a “all fields” searching when a “+” is used. …


We have an opened issue in github: https://github.com/nextcloud/contacts/issues/313
Let’s continue there :slight_smile: