[Suggestion] Load a avatar separately

Hi all,

I use high-quality avatar pictures on almost all of my contacts.
Now, when accessing the contact page, it takes a lot of time to load because all the pictures are being transferred and shown in the contact list.
To load the contacts page, several MB of data needs to be transmitted for the avatars - every time you click on contacts.

I tried to modify the contact template in apps/contacts/templates/contact.html to not send the avatar images for the contact list anymore.
Unfortunately, all the changes I do are not reflecting on the website (maybe because of app code signing!?)

Can anyone help me out on this ? Thanks !

I’d file a feature request for the contacts app to add http caching for images. It’s no issue if all images are loaded at once if they simply remain in the cache for the next page load

Currently the images are transferred inline so caching will not be possible unless they use img file urls instead of inline data in the future. Also why do my code changes not reflect on the page ?

Because you modified the wrong parts. You need to read into the source or create an issue on the issue tracker. IMHO images should not be served inline but use image URLs so they can be cached. I’m sure people will agree with that approach.

I’d recommend against the hacky approach of simply changing your own code and work together with the maintainers to actually solve the issue that you are experiencing


Ok I will open a request. Just thought there is a reason why images are delivered like that (maybe because its actually faster than downloading external images.)

It’s most likely a bad design decision which was easy to implement (e.g. for storing images as blobs in the database).

Because we store the card as full. So the requested downloads all of its data. The 1.5.4 update should load things asynchronously.