Suggestion for upgrade to movie player capabilities

I continue to see few problems with the movie player in NC when apple .MOV files are uploaded from client members using apple equipment. About 20% don’t pay the video but do play the audio. I read here (I think) it uses the browser player and since .MOV are no longer widely supported by modern browsers it could be a useful enrichment to have an ‘option’ to convert these files upon clicking to .MP4 format which is I think is better supported right now. Remember that ffmpeg can do this on the command line, and that is my current workaround, so it might not be too heavy an enhancement. If clouds like NC are to be trusted for family photos and videos there should be a way to ensure that the formats are future-proof so to speak.

The browser is indeed generally the problem in these cases. For example, Firefox won’t play HEVC, and so those won’t play in NC either. Really Mozilla needs to be the one to fix that. But someone could conceivably write an app to run a ffmpeg conversion on a file.

Just as an aside, Jellyfin pairs well with NC. You can attach its video folder as external storage in NC and use NC to manage video files. And it will live transcode anything the browser won’t play.