Suggestion for improvement; Implementation of own certificates in the NCPI panel

First of all, I would like to apologize for the English. Since this is not my mother tongue, I used a translation tool to help me.

I prefer my own certificates and not via Lets enscrypt automated. (Please don’t ride on it here why not).

Therefore, I have to realize again and again that after an update here and there (which I can also understand) my changes to the apache-server were changed.
What if NC-PI had an option in which I could store my certificates and thus also take them into account? This would give a further step towards openness and it would save those to look for changes in the lower levels and possibly damage the safety of the NC.

To anticipate… unfortunately I can not serve with expertise to participate in such a project.

Nevertheless, I say thank you for the attention and Merry Christmas. :santa:t3:

I recommend you check out GitHub and see if a similar feature request already exists and if not, you can raise an issue/feature request.